Where’s James?

Follow PVF’s Executive Director, James Higa, out of the office for site visits and meetings with outstanding grassroots leaders.

Where’s James? Meeting with an Advocate for Sexually-Exploited Youth

Where Are Bill and James? Going Back to School with Aim High 

– Where’s James? Checking Out all the Fresh Food the SF Food Bank Has to Offer

– Where’s James? Seeing the Results of Community Building

– Where’s James? Learning About How Technological Innovation Is Lifting People in Nairobi

– Where’s James? Learning About Economic Self-Sufficiency Efforts Aimed at Low-Income Women

– Where’s James? Talking About Scholarships For Low-Income Youth with QuestBridge’s David Hunter

– Where’s Bill and James? Touring Next Step Learning Center

– Where’s James? Getting Schooled in Girl Power and Activism

– Where’s James? Discussing Storytelling with FACE AIDS’ New Executive Director

– Where’s James? Brainstorming with FLY’s Christa Gannon

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