Excursion Program

Excursion Grant Program

The Geballe Excursion Grant Program offers grants of up to $1,000 to fund classroom excursions. The grants are available to teachers in Alameda and San Mateo Counties. Funds can cover the cost of transportation, admission fees and food. Examples: go to the beach, go to a museum, take a bay ferry, a classroom hike and picnic. The purpose of this program is to open new vistas to children.

At PVF we receive thoughtful and innovative requests from teachers for exciting excursions; this blog is an opportunity to share with other teachers the opportunities that can be funded with this program.

The Geballe Excursion Grant Program is made possible with funding from The Geballe Family.

Click here to find out more about the Geballe Excursion Grant Program.

Read about some of the grant requests that have been funded:

Even More Geballe Excursion Grants Awarded 2011-2012

A Preview of Awarded Excursion Grants 2011-2012

PVF’s Geballe Excursion Grant Supports Fun and Learning at Children’s Fairyland



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