Where’s Bill?

Follow PVF’s President and CEO, Bill Somerville, out of the office, for site visits and meetings with outstanding grassroots leaders.

Where’s Bill? Witnessing a Community Strengthen through Dance

Where’s Bill? Building a Playground Designed by and for EPA Kids

Where’s Bill? Visiting Revitalized Uptown Oakland

– Where Are Bill and James? Going Back to School with Aim High 

– Where’s Bill? Hanging Out with Police Cadets at the Wilderness Program’s Ropes Course

– Where’s Bill? Surrounded by Smiles at the Day Worker Center

– Where’s Bill and James? Touring Next Step Learning Center

Where’s Bill? Distributing Vegetables to Bay Area Immigrants with Street Level Health Project

Where’s Bill? Eating Well with Parents in EPA

Where’s Bill? Being Inspired by Truant Youth in Oakland

Where’s Bill? At a Dance Class at Juvenile Hall

Where’s Bill? Meeting with the Downtown Streets Team

Where’s Bill? Visiting Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco

Where’s Bill? Spending the Morning with “Students Offering Support”

Where’s Bill? Out and About with the Parent Involvement Workers

Where’s Bill? A Tailgate Party at the Samaritan House

Where’s Bill? All Over East Palo Alto

Where’s Bill? At the Mountain View Day Worker Center


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