PVF Works with Laney College to Promote Vocational Career Paths

by: Ashley Murphy, Program Officer

Recently I attended the Career and Technical Education Open House at Laney College. The event was designed to showcase the vocational departments that equip students with the skills needed to enter the workforce. High school students and current Laney College students were able to explore a range of career options by visiting each department and content_Hip-Hop-girl-with-camerapslearning more about the program. Participating departments included machine and wood technology, carpentry, architecture/engineering, graphic arts, photography, biomanufacturing, cosmetology, environmental control technology, electricity, culinary arts, welding, green jobs, and media communications. Needless to say, there was a career option available for everyone!

We were there to reach out to potential and current students to discuss the Charles and Connie Meng Scholarship Program, a program PVF has run for 15 years. The program provides grants to Alameda County Community College students pursuing 2-year vocational degrees. Rather than continue on to a 4-year college, these students aim to receive technical training in their chosen field and then jump right into a career.content_YouthBlacksmithps

Many young people are weighed down by the prospect of education-related debt and the pressure to obtain an advanced degree. According to one Meng Scholarship recipient: “Attending college takes me towards the stability and success I am striving for.” For those who choose a 2-year vocational degree path, we strive to provide them some financial support to take the pressure of funding their education off their shoulders. We have awarded over $200,000 in scholarships over the past decade, and we are excited to continue to support young people as they pursue their dreams and jumpstart their careers!

Know a young person interested in pursuing a vocational degree at an Alameda County Community College? Encourage them to apply for a Charles and Connie Meng Scholarship!


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